Летний интенсив английского языка

Летний интенсив по английскому

Летний интенсив английского языка для детей 7-12 лет в мини-группах, native speaker

Цель курса – разговорный английский на основные общие темы.

+ 10 тематических занятий по 3 часа
+ индивидуальная разговорная практика
+ экзамен

Каждое занятие включает:

  • тематическая лексика
  • грамматическая часть
  • диалог в группе
  • видео на заданую тему с последующим обсуждением
  • творческое задание
  • тематическая игра

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Summer English Intensive School Preparing to Travel Abroad

  1. Greetings, ways of Introducing Yourself.
    - Different ways to say ‘Hello’: Hi! Good morning/afternoon/evening. Hey! What’s up?
    - Possible answers to ‘How are you?’: Great! Super! Wonderful! Cool! Awesome! So-so. Not bad. Not so bad, etc.
    - Different ways to say ‘Good bye!’: Goodbye. Bye! Have a good day. Take care. See you later. Talk to you later. Nice to meet you, etc.
    - Introducing yourself & Meeting new friends: What’s your name? Where do you live? Where are you going to? Are you free tomorrow? etc.
    - Conversation Practice: Find a Friend.
  2. My Family & My Home
    - Family members (parents, grandparents, a son, a daughter, grandchildren, a brother, a sister, a baby, a cousin, etc.)
    - Telling Your Story: Draw Your Family Tree. Tell About Your Family.
    - Present Simple Tense. Discussion: Is this? Do you have?
    - Finger Family Craft Time: Making Finger Puppets. Play “Finger Puppet Conversations”: Hello, grandfather/mother, etc. How are you?
    - My Home: Vocabulary (rooms in the house, a garden, a garage, etc.)
    - Draw and Say: Draw your flat/house. Tell where your family members are.
  3. My Favorite Food
    - Revision of ten basic colors.
    - Numbers: 1-20.
    - Food Vocabulary: Fruit, Vegetables, Food Products, Meals, Snacks, Junk Food
    - Games: “Eat – Do not eat”, “What’s in the Black Box?”, etc.
    - Questions and Answers: Is there/are there some/any?
    - Past Simple Tense: got, had, ate, drank.
    - Discussion: Describe Your Favorite Foods. Tell what you had for breakfast
  4. Shopping. Ordering Food. Polite requests: Could/ Would…?
    - Likes & Dislikes: Food, Clothes
    - Numbers: 10 – 100.
    - Shopping Vocabulary: shopping list, salesperson, etc. Where can I find? How can I help you? I am looking for… Do you have ...? Thank you. Have a nice day.
    - Role play: Shopping Trip. Some children get a budget, a shopping list and go shopping; others act out as salespeople.
    - Vocabulary for Ordering Food in a Café: a piece of pie, a hot dog, a cup of tea, waiter, waitress, etc. May I have a menu, please? Are you ready to order? I would like. Anything else? I’d like the check/bill, please.
    - Ordering Food Procedure: Role play in the Classroom.
  5. Parts of Body. Five Senses. In the Hospital
    - Basic vocabulary for parts of the body (head, eyes, ears, chin, mouth, cheeks, freckles, shoulders, arms, hands, etc.)
    - Some of the internal parts of the body (heart, muscles, stomach, heart, etc.) - In the Hospital. Going to a Doctor and Talking About Pain: What’s wrong? My __ hurts. How are you feeling today? Breath in/breath out. Stand up/sit down/lie down. Touch your ___.
    - Five senses: Sense of touch/taste/smell/sight/sound.
    - Craft time: Art and Movement Activities. Tongue Tasting. A Listening Game. Sensory Experience. A Cooking Class. 
  6. My Toys & Pets
    - Toys Vocabulary: Teddy Bear, dolls, blocks, a ball, a bike, a scooter, favorite cartoon characters, etc.
    - Dialogues: I have got. Have you got? He has got. She has got.
    - Discussion: Children rank different toys to recommend them to others.
    - Craft Time: Design Your Toy!
    - Pets Vocabulary: a cat, a dog, a hamster, a fish, a parrot, etc.
    - Guessing Games: “I’m thinking of a Pet”, “Who Makes That Sound?”
    - Discussion Time: A Pet Care Puppet Show 
  7. Animals. In the Zoo
    - Animal Vocabulary Word List: a horse, a lion, a rabbit, a sheep, a whale, etc.
    - Games: “Blindfold Guess”, “Hint Animal Game”, “Dog & Cat Chase”
    - Dramatic Play: “Zoo Keeper.” Children pretend to be zoo keepers working at the zoo and feeding animals.
    - Discussion Time: 1. We Can Learn More About Animals. 2. We Can Take Care of Animals.
    - Craft Time: Animal Face Sandwiches. 
  8. My School. Daily Routines. Must/ may.
    - School vocabulary: blackboard, headmaster, syllabus, school subjects, etc. - Actions at school: to learn by heart, to cheat, to pass, to fail, to revise etc.
    - Discussion: Describe your school, your class and people in your school.
    - Basic Vocabulary & Discussion: Morning/Afternoon/Evening Routines
    - Games: “Time Guess”, “Meal Routines” 
  9. Leisure Activities. Can & Can’t with Action Words.
    - Fun time: I can read, run, dance, write, jump, sing, etc.
    - Describing ability flashcards.
    - Playing games: “The Circle Game,” “Animal Abilities Bluff”
    - Speaking Situation: Talking about Abilities.
    - Discussion Time: “Can Brainstorming” 
  10. Travelling
    - Travel Vocabulary: a journey, a trip, types of transport.
    - At the train station/ At the airport: Vocabulary and conversation phrases: plane, train, information desk, arrival, departure, baggage, flight, take off, land, one-way ticket, platform etc.
    - Discussion time: Planning Summer Holidays. Travelling to Foreign Countries: England, the U.S., Japan, Africa, India, etc. The most interesting/ beautiful/ exciting places you can visit there.
    - Role play: At the Airport. At the Train Station. Travelling by car/bus/bike.
  11. Review. Final Exam
    - Review before the Final: exercises, discussion time.
    - Written part (30 min).
    - Oral part: Conversation with an English-native speaker (15 min).
    - Craft time & Games.
    - Watching and discussing video.
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